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What is CBT?

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is a therapeutic modality that helps people to recognize how thoughts they are having impact their feelings which in turn impact their behaviours. Learning to recognize unhelpful thoughts which lead to negative feelings and behaviours, and learning how to modify these thoughts enables people to get control over difficult emotions that lead to destructive behaviour patterns.

Coping With Stress: Tips for Managing Stress During Covid-19

Right now, we are all dealing with a pretty stressful situation with Covid-19. There are strategies to help you cope with stress.

How Mindfulness Calms Our Physiological State - Mindfulness for Kids

Being mindful helps us to calm our physiological response to stress. Check out this helpful video about how kids can use mindfulness to manage stress and stressful situations.

Panic Attacks - What Causes Them and How We Can Avoid Them

Panic attacks are very frightening and the thought that you might have another one can trigger another one. CBT has been shown to help reduce the grip of panic on our lives.

You are not Your Thoughts:

Great Video for Teens and Kids

How our thoughts influence how we feel and in turn influence our actions

What is Mental Health

We all deserve mental wellness. Mental wellness is not just about a mental health disorder or diagnosis.

10 Mental Illness Signs You Should Not Ignore

Important signs and symptoms

telling you to seek help. 

Neuroplasticity: How Our Brains can Change 

Our brains can change when we learn the skills to help ourselves. 

We can strengthen and change our brains. Cognitive behaviorual therapy and other techniques create changes in the brain.

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